A librarian talks about libraries and homelessness.

One of the books On the Same Page is highly recommending is Richard LeMieux’s Breakfast at Sally’s: One Homeless Man’s Inspirational Journey. LeMieux was 60, a successful, comfortably established businessman who lost everything–business, home, the perks of a luxury lifestyle, connections with family–and found himself and his beloved bichon frisé, Willow, with only a van for a home. Breakfast at Sally’s vividly depicts the many personalities LeMieux found within the homeless population, and the power and influence of the connections he made with them.

Mr. LeMieux’s account of his homelessness is convincing because it is neither overwrought nor sensationalist. On Thanksgiving Day 2002, he found himself begging for money in front of a grocery store where he estimated he had spent $192,000 during the preceding 20 years. ~Harry Hurt III, The New York Times

Librarian Kim Leeder, who’s the Director of Library Services at the College of Western Idaho,  found herself reading Breakfast at Sally’s over a warm, safe, family-filled Thanksgiving. Reading LeMieux’s memoir of his own homelessness prompted her to write about the relationships and responsibilities of libraries and populations experiencing homelessness.  And the opportunities that they create, as well.  Are you interested in the interface between libraries and homeless populations, and how to think creatively about this issue? Leeder’s thoughtful blog post is very worthwhile reading.


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