Families in Transition: Personal perspectives enrich this local discussion Monday the 30th.

Tomorrow night Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center is hosting a panel discussion with local input and local impact on Families in Transition: Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out. Panelists will share experiences working with the homeless population, and their own experiences with homelessness. For names of panelists or more information, please call 336-703-2950. Monday […]

The Golden Nuggets are a FAMILY bookclub.

On the Same Page tries to reach and engage as many book clubs in our community as possible. But how many are book clubs for the family? Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center proudly presents the Golden Nuggets Book Club. Next Tuesday afternoon the 24th, at 4:30 round up your grandparents–or your grandchildren–and head to Malloy/ […]

Three films at a/perture cinema for a September weekend.

a/perture cinema is one of Winston-Salem’s gems, a unique experience and our opportunity in town to see the films that don’t show up at the multiplexes. a/perture has been a generous partner to On the Same Page in the past, and we’re continuing the partnership this year with a Hoping for a Home Film Series. (Scroll […]

What happens at a branch, doesn’t stay at a branch.

Young library patrons at Kernersville had a chance to give  back PLUS enjoy what has to be one or the most popular crafts around town right now, origami. Look at the origami  buddies that guests at Kernersville Library’s Give Back Crafts program created. Each artist got to keep their own work, plus, create another to […]

Shelter and shelters, Sukkot evokes an artistic and spiritual response to a social issue.

New York City artist Heather Stolz’s fiber art and quilts are an expression with her commitment to social justice and a reflection on her experience of Jewish culture and the Jewish liturgy.  Her 2011 work, Temporary Shelter, evokes the Jewish Sukkot in form and is built, physically and artistically, from the stories of the people […]